Apple to recieve a $1Million Fine for every iPhone they don’t unlock


It seems that Apple can’t do do right for doing wrong at the moment with the whole encryption battle. Despite them winning the case in New York against the federal authorities, France has now jumped on the bandwagon.

Yann Gault who is a member of France’s Socialist Party has submitted an amendment to a bill aimed to strengthen the French government’s ability to fight against terrorism. This amendment states that Apple should have to pay $1.08Million fine for every iPhone Apple refuses to unlock when asked by the law. Not only Apple is been targeted by this, Goolge as well should be fined $1Million for not helping investigators to extract data from a suspect’s smartphone.

Depending on who’s side you’re on with this whole legal battle with depend on what you think is fair. Personally I am completely on Apple’s side and I’m looking from a business side. Apple is a worldwide company and sells its products to people from all around the world. Can you imagine how much their business would fail if people stopped buying their phones because the US Government has their own backdoor into the phones? I wouldn’t want one, the last people I would want screwing around in my phone would be the US Government. It’s not exactly something Apple can advertise and shout from the rooftops.  Encryption exists for a reason, it’s one way, as in that data is not supposed to be retrieved on demand.

If you want to fully understand my perspective on the whole situation watch this video by Louis Rossmann

Anyway, to finish this news post, I really doubt that Apple or Google are ever going to play $1Million to the French government.