The Pentagon launches a Bug Bounty

Interested in hacking into The Pentagon? Well now you can!

It has been dubbed ‘Hack the Pentagon’. It is a bug bounty program that invites hackers and security researches to try and break into the Pentagons systems and also Department of Defense public faced websites. The program will begin in April 2016 and participants will need to undergo and pass a background check before you can even start looking for vulnerabilities. Those successful at uncovering vulnerabilities within The Pentagon will be recognised for their work and also win money.

The systems that the hackers will be able to ‘play’ with are predetermined so you can’t just pick any and start breaking into it.

Hackers are actively targeting the goverment departments, which is why this Bug Bounty is been started. Malicious hackers who are successful at breaking into The Pentagon could potentially reveal national secrets.  By having a Bug Bounty it means that lots of people can be trying to break the systems which leads to things been fixed and secure and the hackers getting paid for their work.

Bug Bountys are not uncommon, infact activly finds people to break into companies.