Funding for Raspberry Pi Cluster Computing

Hey guys,

Been awhile since I’ve made a blog post, however this one is a little different.

In my recent Explained video about ‘Super Computers’ I mentioned I’d like to do a video about Raspberry Pi cluster computing and how to set it up and how it works. The feedback for that has been great and now I’m really pumped to make it, however there is a small financial catch.

I’m wanting to use 4x Raspberry Pi 2 Model B’s, each cost around £30 each. £30 x 4 = £120 worth of Raspberry Pi’s. So basically this blog post if for anyone that wants to contribute towards the Raspberry Pi Cluster computing video, I’ve setup a donation button at the bottom of this page where you can donate anything you like and it’ll all go towards the project and of course I’ll give a nice little thank you shout out in the video when it comes out.

Anyway the button is below for anyone that is feeling generous!