Pokemon GO! Released on Android & iOS

Pokemon GO! is finally here, kind of. Pokemon GO is the long awaited augmentation game where you wander round in real time (Yes, you need to get up and walk) while being tracked by GPS and you will have a chance to stumble across wild Pokemon and capture them with a ‘flick’ of the finger.

Unfortunately, Pokemon GO is only available for the US at the moment, however if you are an Android user you can simply download the APK file and install it and it’ll work fine. However, due to the popularity of the game at the moment the servers are very intermittent as the current load of players trying to play is crashing them and taking them offline for periods of time.

I’ve personally managed to play for a short amount of time, I found a Weedle on my dog and a pidgy in a field. It’s pretty fun to wander around and capture these Pokemon, but it won’t surprise me if you end up getting lost in strange places where you’ve never been before capturing virtual non-existent Pokemon, but hey, that’s part of the fun.

Obviously, like with everything, memes and discussion has been popping up everywhere. There is also a subreddit (/r/pokemongo) with people asking who’s going to be the first casualty for walking of a bridge or into traffic trying to catch a pidgy.

Anyway, it has it’s issues but it’s fun when you eventually get on and could potentially get you out the house