Nintendo announces their next console: The Nintendo Switch

I’ve been a Nintendo fan for a very long time. I got my first gameboy for christmas which was a Purple Gameboy Advanced with Pokemon Ruby. But even before then I had seen the wonderful world of Nintendo 64 Mario Kart and Zelda. I still own my Gameboy Advanced, Gameboy Advanced SP, Original Gameboy, Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS XL, Nintendo Wii and I’m about to own the Nintendo Switch.

Previously known as the Nintendo NX which was its codenamed, there was a tonne of speculation to what they were actually making. We kind of already knew that it wouldn’t be anything to compete against Microsoft and Sony as that’s not what Nintendo do. I personally speculated that it would be a hybrid console like the NVIDIA SHIELD and I wasn’t wrong.

Yesterday October 9th Nintendo unveiled the trailer for the Nintendo Switch, a hybrid games console that will play on your TV and be portable – exactly what I personally wanted from the system.

The switch is a ‘tablet’ that docks at home where you can play with a wireless controller on your TV. When it’s time to go on the road or play in the bath you can simply slide each side of the controller off and then slide it onto the tablet, making it portable. What I love is that it looks really nice and it features a headphone jack and cartridges. You can also get a full size controller.

The device, while we don’t know the specs, looks like it packs quite a punch in terms of power. We know it features an NVIDIA GPU which makes me wonder if Android is going to be the Operating System it uses. Also from the trailer the games look to run super smooth. I’m actually really excited that I can play the new Pokemon Sun and Moon on my TV while sat in bed – it also makes me wonder / hope that the 3DS and Switch will  use the same cartridge.

We don’t know many details about the switch. Takashi Mochizuki tweeted out saying that Nintendo would not announce anything officially until March 2017 which include sgame suppoer, spec details and region-lock.

I estimated that the Nintendo Switch will cost around £250-350 due to a accidental leak from UK retailer Tesco which leaked a landing page with placeholder images and prices. The price listed was £349.99 which seems reasonable.

Personally I’m really excited for this, I’ve not owned a home-console since the Xbox 360 as I’m mainly a PC Master Race kinda guy, but sometimes I’d like to sit on my bed and play some Pokemon or Zelda – which this will deliver to me plus more!