This is the downloads section where you can find useful tools and resources that I have used throughout my videos. All of these files have been virus scanned by me, but use your own discretion. If there are any downloads that you don’t see but expected to see then please contact me

Darkcomet has been removed due to security concerns.

Name: PHP Cookie Stealer
Description: Simple PHP Based cookie stealer designed to steal cookies from the BWAPP (Buggy Web Application) in an XSS-Stored based attack.
Size: 311Bytes
SHA256: e90c18baa736121143c61c852e6ae26874281819720871405bc0ffe375cf5f9d
Virus Total: Link
Download: Download

Name: MD5 and SHA Checksum Utility
Description: Used to generate MD5 and SHA Checksums for software
Size: 21KB
SHA256: D3D6F3597AEBA37312F61E59BA465E57B19140CC9A4517C7F9C49461F1D0A4BB
Virus Total: Link
Download: Download