About JackkTutorials

JackkTutorials is an online YouTube channel created in late 2011 by Jack “Jackk” Miller. Since 2011 Jack has uploaded over 250 videos racking up over 7 Million views and over 70,000 Subscribers. He uploads regular content, creating the ‘Explained!’ video series which aims to teach people about certain computer topics and also regular ‘How-to’ style videos based on Hacking & Security, Programming, Raspberry Pi and much more.

JackkTutorials is aimed at people aged from 13+ and his content will help people studying computers in School, College or University. Jack is currently employed at a custom computer building firm based in the UK as a RMA Technician and has also created software for the firm to be used everyday to aid with quality control of systems. Jack does YouTube work as a hobby and in his spare time, researching and creating videos to upload every week.

Currently the upload schedule is as follows:

Monday – Explained!
Wednesday – Tutorial based video
Saturday – Ask Me Q&A Series
*Coming Soon* Friday – Programming Fridays

If you would like to contact Jack you can use the following contact email address: admin[at]jackktutorials.com or business enqires to business[at]jackktutorials.com

My computer specification as of 2016 is as follows:

My laptop specification started life as a Lenovo M30-70 Celeron. I bought a broken i3 model and swapped the working motherboard with my original motherboard to upgrade the CPU to a i3-4010U and upgraded the Hard Drive to a 120GB Kingston V300 with Linux Mint installed.

My Media Center/File server specification as of 2016 is as follows: